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Pintucked - A finished skirt in Khadi!

Memorial Day already - the summer has swept by in whirl of hot, humid days and beautiful, salty evenings (a benefit of living on Cape Cod). I wish I could say that those evenings were all filled with sewing and knitting but I’ve done some! These last weeks have been packed with activities and mini adventures. One lovely excursion was to Rhode Island to attend the Weekend of Coaching where “authentic 19th century coaches drawn by matched and highly trained teams of horses visit Newport.” Put on the Preservation Society, you can see the lovely carriages and their well-dressed riders travel the Newport streets. It was a hot and sticky weekend, but it didn’t stop me from wearing the skirt...

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Making in Fits & Starts - Sarah

Is it really about finding the time to make things or changing the way we think about the making process? A summer project tests the idea of whether making slowly in bits and pieces can be just as satisfying as having a big chunk of time dedicated to a project.

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