About Us

Slowly made, deeply felt.

You know those days that begin with a hot cup of tea and a walk with your dog? The days when you feel that deep sense of satisfaction and joy in the little things? We wanted to build a business around that feeling; where delight in creativity, deep relationships and quality time are markers of success.

After years in the fashion industry and other jobs that didn’t offer us space to explore or create, we were frustrated, tired and disengaged. We began to talk about how we could offer alternatives to the industry and it became clear we were struggling with a larger question: “How do we live our lives in a society that places extraordinary value on consumption and productivity?” It took us both quitting our jobs and more or less starting from scratch to figure out what this would mean. We took two years working odd jobs, reflecting on our core values and frankly really questioning ourselves before we could define the kind of company we wished to create.

We may not have found “the” answer (in fact, we’re certain we haven’t). But we have defined a set of values, a manifesto to the makers, which guides our approach to doing good business and producing things thoughtfully. Perhaps most exciting, we have found ourselves in an extraordinary and growing community of people committed to changing our relationship to consumerism in a way that allows us to lead happier, more fulfilled and highly creative lives.


The Founders
Makers for Life

I began my career in the fashion industry 7 years ago after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design with minors in Theater and Art. I always knew I wanted my own business but didn’t know what it would look like. What I did know was that I needed a more extensive understanding of the fashion supply chain; I needed “real world” experience. This thought catapulted me into the complex world of corporate, “big brand” fashion.

I am immensely grateful for my experience in corporate fashion for three reasons. 1. It gave me a PhD in complex supply chains 2. It allowed me to travel the world and gave me early exposure to working with artisans 3. It completely sucked the life out of me and left no other option but to come back to my true self. My creative, maker self. Which in turn birthed Rove + Weft.

Rove + Weft for me is a necessity. Not only for myself and my own sanity but for the improvement of the fashion industry. Because fast fashion is killing. It’s killing the environment, it’s killing people (literally and figuratively), and it’s killing the value of product.

Rove + Weft is not just a small business, it is a life’s work. Every dream and vision I have for myself for creating a better community where we reconnect on human levels and respect the earth is poured into this business. My hope is that our fabric allows you to rediscover the beauty in simplicity.


I’ve always wanted to make things that would be treasured. But instead of going to art school, I spent almost a decade living and working abroad in Africa. I loved traveling and discovering other cultures and always had a corner of my house dedicated to local textiles.

Three jobs in Africa changed my career: First, a social enterprise working with small-scale artisan cooperatives. Next, a major corporate fashion label that set up an alternative production facility in Rwanda. Finally, a fabric sourcing company providing fashion brands access to artisanal textiles. Each offered a different perspective on the industry. Each was challenging. And all made me think deeply about how craftsmanship has been replaced by consumerism.

I returned home to Cape Cod in 2015 inspired by my time abroad and also totally exhausted. I wanted to start a business but the pace of American life made focus difficult. My previous driven, success-oriented approach to life and work was no longer in line with how I wanted to live each day.

A shift to a slower-paced life happened gradually as I incorporated more time outside, better food and more dog-walking into my life. I could feel it - I was happier.

Rove + Weft blends my desire to make things with a commitment to living a more thoughtful life. In this business, I can explore what it actually means to work, create and yes - make money - in a way that is, simply put, respectful.